Inspiration Corner

Though come from different background and profession, everybody must have a place they could call home. In this modern age, home is not only a shelter, but also a space to express one own personal value, function and style. We have chosen some people with various background and profession to tell their story about what is home to them. Only on THIS IS MY HOME with JYSK Indonesia.


Nysted Black Divider, not only functional as a book and display storage, but can also function as a stylish shoe rack. What a unique idea, isn’t it? With this kind of order, every time Vina wants to choose a pair of shoes, she would feel like shopping at the Mall. Also, choosing shoes each time would feel a lot more exciting for her.

Auning White Desk. For a young executive, this desk could function well as a work space. With 3 drawers under the desk, 2 on, and some spacious rack, your office tools will stay organized. However, for a fashion designer like Vina, a desk like this could also be used as a stylish and functional vanity. Even using a sewing machine on this desk would be very comfortable.

Ringe Cream Day Bed. What is day bed? Nowadays, do you often hear the word ‘day bed’? It turns out this unique furniture not a new thing at all. Even, it’s already been very popular since ancient Egypt, Greek and Rome. The aristocrat on that age used the day bed to take a nap or relax in their leisure time. So, how about day bed in this modern time? Of course, we could also relax in our house, just as luxurious and stylish as the aristocrat on that time. The difference is, day bed now comes with a more modern and simple design. It’s not only comfortable for taking a nap, but it could also entertain your family and friends when they visit anytime.

Nowadays, who doesn’t know about sofabed? In this crowded metropolitan area, a sofabed becomes the ultimate choice for those who wants to save space in their house or apartment. Aside from multifunctional as a sofa and a bed, this Havdrup Grey Sofabed also comes with a quite massive storage to store your unused cushion or other housewares.

The corner of each room usually becomes a tricky spot to decorate because of the rigid angle it originally has. With the slim but stylish Oure Series, this corner could be turned into our favorite spot to enjoy the afternoon tea. To outsmart the rigid angle, we can put a standing lamp on the corner of the room.