Inspiration Corner


Thousands of customers visit JYSK every day in search of our many great deals, but for many other reasons as well. Our training creates competent employees. We are among the leading experts on mattresses, pillows, and duvets. We are also our customers' local store that offers the advantages of a global concern. These are just a few examples of what JYSK strives to stand for. 

In that connection, we have formulated a set of JYSK customer promises in order to assign precise words and actions to the service and experience we want each of our customers to enjoy.

Under each of the five JYSK customer promises are a number of definitions, and the combination of these are intended to contribute to making JYSK our customers' preferred choice for home furnishings.

Click here or on one of the icons to read more about each of the JYSK customer promises.

JYSK has already fulfilled a number of its customer promises, though we have not yet reached 100%.

We thrive on constantly setting new goals for ourselves in order to grow, and this is something that JYSK's customer promises embody: Namely, every day we will fight to give our customers an even better shopping experience.